A community is made up of various stakeholders, and while all are valued, those that need the support the most are the ones least listened to. How can we make sure all voices are heard? As our region and community move to a new norm, how do we ensure that we do not go back to the non-inclusive and extractive ways that led us to our current state of being?


2021’s virtual PHLanthropy Week will focus on events and resources that focus on 

 Community Driven PHLanthropy!

  • How can nonprofits, foundations, institutions, and community members work together as partners and share voice on solutions that matter move Philadelphia Forward?

  • What are the ways organizations can overcome anti-racism, systemic oppression,  wealth disparity, and areas of social injustice and inequities and work with stakeholders to stand up for their communities?

  • How can organizations be authentically inclusive of those they serve and stakeholders key to their mission?

  • What are the key ideals, metrics, and solutions we need to align on to uplift our communities?

Interested in hosting a webinar, panel discussion, or event?
Deadline to submit event is August 27th 2021
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