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Nov. 8th-13th

Thank you to our sponsors and attendees of PHLanthropy Week 2020

A lot has happened since last year’s conference. Covid-19 has changed the need of those we have served and has changed the way we serve those in need. Protests and boycotts are bringing reckonings to the senseless deaths and systemic injustices that face people of color and have highlighted the need to address how much Black Lives Matter. While communities of color have continuously suffered for years, and our region has been home to some of the most staggering disparities in health outcomes, educational attainment, and career trajectories - it took for every race, and every class to be impacted this year in order for organizations to rethink their practices. As Governments, Corporations, Philanthropic institutions, and Nonprofits adjust their practices to become allies and become more equitable to those they serve and those they hire…. some have questioned, “what is their true intent.” Are organizations blacking out or increasing funding and opportunity to align with current “trends” and PR campaigns or are they moving with the intent to truly change their practices to make a difference?  


2020’s Virtual PHLanthropy Week will focus on events and resources to ensure all stakeholders are Moving With Intent!

  • Who needs to be at the table to move Philadelphia Forward?

  • What practices do Private and Corporate Philanthropy need to consider for true impact?

  • How do Nonprofits need to adjust how they serve and engage their stakeholders?

  • …Where do we need to go from here to ensure that we are moving the needle and destroying the barriers that hold our Region and Residents back?

Interested in hosting a webinar, panel discussion, or event?
Deadline to submit event is September 14th 2020
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